Health effects of smoking THC/cannabis

You may be wondering whats the difference between smoking and vaping. But to understand this difference, you need to know first what each one of them means, how it works and the different impacts/effects it poses on individuals using them, to begin with. Then you need to find out and the relationship between the two, for further knowledge.

To get a better understanding of the relationship between smoking and vaping , the following topics describes each of the two and what it entails:


Smoking involves the use of THC through inhalation of the substances burnt content into the lungs. This type of THC consumption is associated with high body health risks which put the individual at very great danger of contracting different chronic diseases.

The act of smoking THC/weed is linked with certain side effects and also health effects posing individuals in a risky situation.

Health effects of smoking THC/cannabis

Some of the effects associated with smoking THC include:

  • Wheezing due to strains in breathing
  • Low body immune
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Risk of contracting lungs cancer
  • Coughing
  • Abnormal mucus production


Vaping involves consuming THC content by inhaling vapourized heated THC oil. This method of THC consumption is said to be less of a risky reason being that no smoke is involved. But in current research conducted by scientific researchers reveal that there are possible dangers of using this method to consume weed.

Possible health effects of vaping

Some of the health disorders associated with vaping include:

  • Risky of lung injury associated with acetate inhaling

The lack of insufficient information on the different risks linked with vaping doesn’t mean that vaping is more of a safer method of THC consumptions. It just puts more questioning on the dangers associated with this method of THC consumption.

Differences between smoking and Vaping

Smoking of THC involves the use of the plants’ parts such as leaves or flowers which have been dried. Then the dried substance is maybe rolled up to make joints or maybe smoked using “smoking pipes”.On the side of vaping, it involves using concentrated THC extracts which are heated to produce vapour, which is then inhaled through maybe an inhaler into the lungs.

Research reveals that the impact/effect of vaping is more intense compared to that of smoking. This is as a result of the content concentrate used in vaping which is of more and high quality and intense.

Vaping is known to cause more effective and takes a shorter period to take effect more than smoking. Due to the high concentration of products used in vaping than in smoking, the impact/effect is more intense and quick in reaction than the latter.

Similarities between vaping and smoking

Although vaping is said to be more effective and quick in reaction,both vaping and smoking almost have the same range of reacting. They both take up between ten to fifteen minutes to take effect.

Vaping and smoking even though having different in certain areas may have negative effects on human health and the body. Making a decision on either use of one method depends on your intentions but choosing wisely is the best option.

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