Fishing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you are an enthusiast of sport fishing, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico offers you immense opportunities. The city has plenty of blue marlin fish species and is most of the time referred as the marlin capital of world.  The waters of Baja Peninsula have plenty of striped, blue and black marlin. Most of the top 5 sports fishing species are found here. Fishing in Baja is carried throughout the year. This article explains the common sport fishing species found in Cabo and procedure of engaging in blue water fishing. The article also describes the seasons that various fish types are plenty.

There are five main fish types that are targeted for Cabo sport fishing. These are:

  1. Marlin- the place has various types of marlin species including Blue marlin, Black Marlin, and Striped Marlin. Marlin fish is difficult to catch and sets apart an angler who catches. In order to catch the marlin fish you must be patient and have an unbreakable spirit. They are considered as a rare species.
  2. Sailfish– it very difficult to catch sailfish which moves at around 68 mph. The fish is very strong and poses a serious fight when it is caught. They require experienced fishermen. They are mainly hunted for sports purposes because most people do not eat them.
  3. Yellow Tuna– like sailfish, yellow tuna move very fast and are difficult to catch. They are rich in protein and very delicious. They are the best

    delicacy for high tables and very expensive

  4. Striped Marlin– considered as one of the most beautiful fish, striped marlin are very acrobatic and very rare species of fish.

Best seasons to catch fish

There are particular seasons that plenty of specific species of fish should be caught. Striped marlins are found in abundance on winter while blue and black can be caught on summer. Tuna, sailfish and Dorado are found in plenty on summer. In spring, hunt for striped marlin and yellow fish. Fish tournaments take place in Baja and experienced anglers can take part in them.

Procedure of fishing

Before one is allowed to fish in Mexican waters, you need to have a valid Fishing License. Each person is allowed one fishing rod and is not expected to profit from sport fishing. You are not permitted to fish 250m away from the swimmers.


For sport fishing lovers, you have plenty of opportunities in Cabo. You will have an adventurous experience in catching the marlins that are famous in the world. You also have an opportunity to explore your patience and enduring spirit to catch a gigantic marlin which will see your name recognized among the sport fishing communities.

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