Research on Cannabis Uses to Treat Pain

Cannabis is a tall plant with divided leaves, alternate and tough fibers. It is found in native Asia. The cannabis plant can be used for medicinal purposes, especially its decarboxylated and purified resin. Cannabis uses to treat pain both in chronic and moderate or acute pain symptoms has been scientifically proven to have medicinal value.  

Cannabis uses to treat pain has many benefits and most researchers are exploring the risk versus benefits of using medical cannabis. Cannabinoids are derived from the cannabis plant which is used for medicinal purposes including but are not limited to cannabidiol (CBD) or delta – 9 – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or the combination of the two. The ongoing epidemic of opioid- abuse of cannabis medicine has raised concerns about it, which means legislation on legalization of the cannabis uses to treat pain is required of the nations.  

Legalization of medical cannabis must include input from the pharmacist profession. Pharmacist communities is to be knowledgeable about the regulation and legislation because they will be required to counsel the patients on such issues. There is increasing consumer demand for medical cannabis and countries are rushing to legalize its use as they curb its abuse.  

Research has been done on the medical use of cannabis and the findings are as follows, a review of research done in 2015 on the effectiveness of the cannabinoids suggests that it can be used to treat both chronic pains including those of the nerves. Another research done in 2015 suggest that it can be used to relieve cancer pains with minimal side effects. A need for more research should be done especially on the method of delivery and use of different strains to cure chronic pain.  

Steps For Cannabis Uses to Treat Pain and other Related Symptoms 

First, you need to get a doctor’s order – since it is still illegal to consume cannabis, it is important to get a recommendation from the doctor to use it. Doctors too are not allowed to give a prescription.  

Secondly, pick the method of consumption – there are three methods such as inhaling, edibles, or topicals. Each has different compounds that reach your body and their side effects too vary. So, picking a method that best suits you is important.  

Thirdly, you need to look at the product from the inside – the science in it is important for the safety of your body because the body reacts to it differently.  


Cannabis uses to treat pain has some side effects which may include; anxiety, drowsiness, low motivation, poor motor skills, poor concentration, low sex performance, dry mouth, the feeling of paranoia, increased heartbeat, and poor short-term memory. These side effect depend largely on the method used as well as the dosage and the strain type. Mental health is paramount in all these.

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